5 steps to settle a dispute with his banker

1st step: interview with the bank advisor


We advise you to start the dialogue as soon as the dispute comes with your bank. Ask for an interview with the advisor who follows your account. His intervention may be sufficient.

  • Bring the evidence that may be the source of the incident.
  • Be clear in your argument and avoid getting carried away.

An error can sometimes be repaired with good will and the search for an amicable solution must always be preferred.


2nd step: meet the director of the agency

2nd step: meet the director of the agency

If this interview does not succeed, ask to see the branch manager. He will have a different view of the dispute. Make an accurate account of what you blame at the bank and your interview with the bank advisor.

If courtesy is still needed, show your determination . The director of the agency must know that you will go all the way to get satisfaction .

Step 3: Enter the bank mediator

If these successive interviews lead to nothing, then you must seize the mediator of the bank . Know that most have a mediation service and that the latter must be objective in dealing with disputed cases.

Each year, the mediator submits a detailed report on the disputes dealt to the mediation committee of the Banque de France, composed of the governor of the BDF and consumer representatives and banks.

The latter has two months to provide his answer. Send your file by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and send a copy to your agency.


Step 4: contact a consumer association


If all the friendly attempts have failed, then go to a consumer association. Beforehand, prepare a complete file containing the details of the dispute with the bank and the various conciliation attempts you have made.

Step 5: The legal procedure

Step 5: The legal procedure

It really is when all remedies have been exhausted that you should consider attacking your bank in court. It is therefore necessary that the object of the litigation justifies that you incur important expenses and that you are sure to be in your rights.