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While on vacation, i was fortunate enough to jam with the guys and gals of the Philippine Parkour and FreeRunning Association. Raven, the organizer of the jam, invited me to come to Quezon City Circle, a national park for a jam on Monday 23 Feb 09 (an extended weekend for students). He, along with Sam, (who together introduced freerunning to the Philippines), picked me (+2) up at a meeting spot and took us to QC Circle.

4. W. Earl Brown Fans from Deadwood will recognize Brown as Dan Dority. Whole fish are brought in and filleted daily to ensure the original product is as fresh as can be the remnants are later turned into soups and stocks. These house prepared ingredients are part of a menu that is constantly evolving, with such offerings as golden tilefish with poached clams, mushrooms, and julienned kohlrabi over a cream sauce made from the tilefish itself. You can’t get much more sustainable than that.

After many failed personal attempts at trying to break 3 hours in the Marathon using various training plans, I finally succeed by focusing on the bare essentials. My purpose in writing this post is to share what worked for me. Consider the plan presented here a Enough Training Approach No more, no less than what is required to attain the goal..

You can get rich as a successful Amazon executive receiving stock grants, or as a Tesla employee with stock options; these companies don even need to make a profit for you to get rich. It a lot like the banker bonuses of old, and, unlike on today Wall Street, there no stifling regulatory attention, no danger of being dragged through the mud for doing something that was common practice before but is suddenly an ethical violation today.The heady smell of money being made comes with cultural strings attached: a boys locker room atmosphere much like that described in Michael Lewis Wall Street portrait Poker a sense of being kings of the world (in tech companies, it described as the world, but the connotations are the same); a work hard play hard ethos; and a certain insensitivity to those who suffer setbacks.This is probably inevitable, so long as tech valuations are higher than in almost any other industry. If anybody hoped that sensitive, freedom loving, tech savvy millennials would revolutionize the corporation, the money driven counterrevolution has already arrived to disillusion them..

He quietly shared the news on Twitter. No talk about building a billionaire brand. It was just a rare gesture of loyalty to the small market team that has enabled him to shine. The group only left the stage for a few minutes. As they geared up, Robinson announced special Los Angeles encore. The band launched into The Doors Frog, a nice choice since The Doors became legendary in the 60s during early shows at the Whiskey A Go Go, a club just up the road from the Wiltern..

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