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CALGARY Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are some critics who will never be convinced that he doing enough to ensure the Trans Mountain expansion project goes ahead, but he adds his government is working hard as a deadline imposed by pipeline builder Kinder Morgan fast honest about these things. I don think there is anything that I can say that would reassure some of my critics who have such little faith in my government getting anything done for Alberta, Trudeau said in Calgary on Tuesday after he reaffirmed Ottawa $1.5 billion commitment toward a light rail transit project in the city.don think there any magic phrase I can say that will have critics and skeptics put down their criticism and say, know what? The prime minister reassured me today. Trudeau spoke, a small group of protesters were heard shouting KM and that pipe.

For FCA shops, the automaker’s approach can be unnerving, but plenty of agencies have been willing to take the good with the bad. “The majority of revenue is on how many things you get [approved] and that is highly unpredictable,” says one agency executive. But “in some ways we actually kind of like it.

That had been true in the past: A grateful if slightly deluded Congress had struck a medal for John Wayne as an American hero even though as a young man he had taken a pass on World War Two in order to advance his embryonic film career. Later a young man named Sylvester Stallone, who had not deigned to fight in Vietnam and had spent part of those war years teaching at a girls’ school in Switzerland, had made a career for himself by playing an embittered, wronged superhero of the Vietnam War. But now, given the growing power of the popular culture, the line between the authentic and the inauthentic was blurred more than ever..

Finally, consult with a subject matter expert in GDPR and legal counsel to ensure you have your bases covered.What are some of the most important requirements of GDPR?Shan: Most of them are reasonable asks, and represent good policy for any data a company collects, not just from EU citizens.The first is to collect and use only data for which the individual freely gives expressed consent and to seek that consent in a transparent fashion.The second is to use data only for the purposes agreed to by the individual. Are you using the data for market analytics or intending to share that data with third parties? Let them know! You also need to offer customers a transparent method to withdraw consent and erase their data, where there are no legal grounds to keep the data.Third, companies need to understand their role as either a controller or a processor as defined by GDPR and the security and reporting obligations each has in the case of a data breach.How can a company’s data policy help to keep data secure?Shan: The most secure data is data you never collect and store. The GDPR requires that you collect only the personal data you need to perform the service or conduct the research agreed to by your customers and to store that data for only as long as you need it.

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