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Diff’rent Strokes might be the only sitcom ever to feature three principal characters who later wound up in courtrooms and mug shots.Before they became Hollywood casualties, these three performers provided audiences with a lot of laughs. Here’s a look at some highs and lows from their notorious careers.Gary ColemanDiff’rent Strokes character: Arnold Jackson, a spunky smart mouth transported from Harlem to chi chi Manhattan.Number of seasons on the show: Eight.Series highpoint: Though he became best known for his hammy moments, Coleman displayed real chops in a rare serious episode of Diff’rent Strokes, when Arnold and his pal Dudley encounter a friendly “Bicycle Man” who has less than honourable intentions.Post series career: Limited to small TV appearances (including a shameful stint on Divorce Court) and a terrific, self mocking appearance in the 2003 film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.Career low: Being arrested on domestic abuse charges in January 2010.Dana PlatoDiff’rent Strokes character: Kimberly Drummond, privileged teen daughter of Mr. Drummond.Number of seasons on the show: Six, plus guest appearances in season eight.Series highpoint: After being let go from the show, Plato made the most of a guest plotline in which Kimberly struggles with bulimia.Post series career: A Playboy spread, some B movies, then work at a dry cleaners.

Earlier this week, Lisa Bjornson and Fred Vettese wrote an excellent article suggesting that one should wait to take the CPP until age 70. The pure math is hard to dispute, as the government provides a bit of an incentive to defer taking the funds.While I do not disagree with their math (OK, I do think that they should have assumed 4 per cent or 5 per cent return on this money as opposed to the 1 per cent discount rate they used), my advice to clients on this issue is only partly to do with the math. Like many issues with people and money, it isn all about the return.

Morgan’s infectious personality and leadership skills were just what the talented but underachieving Tigers needed. In his first season as head coach, Morgan took a three win team and turned it into an 18 3 team. Wasatch Academy still lost in the first round of the state tournament some habits are hard to break but a solid foundation had been laid.

Mr. CALDWELL: You being in radio, certainly you know that this business is constantly in a state of flux. R radio is not what it was back then. HARRISBURG, PA. A former bartender at the Hershey Country Club has filed a federalsexual harassment lawsuit againstHershey Entertainment Resorts Company Danika McCurdy claims she was fired for complaining about the sexual harassment she endured as an employee. Middle District Court on May 29th, McCurdy says she worked for Hershey for 10 years before she was fired last July, a firing she alleges was in retaliation for her repeated complaints against about the inappropriate sexual comments and touching she and other female employees were subjected to by club members.

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