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A basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers who continues to dominate on the courts, LeBron James also runs a media company called SpringHill Entertainment. It has launched numerous TV shows and movies as part of a contract with Warner Bros. And other television and movie studios.

Turner uses custom, first party audiences to identify passion points of both show fans and brand partners, informing creative development and targeting on social. For example, to convey the power of Pitney Bowes’ global ecommerce solutions, CNN’s brand studio Courageous took an unconventional look at the company’s technology at work to navigate one of life’s most important deliveries an engagement ring. The custom video was distributed via CNNMoney’s social handle, and leveraged Launchpad to reach executives and business decision makers by using proprietary social audiences, including in target engagers with past campaigns..

Subscribe: Android RSSIn a special two part episode, Fraser collaborates with space historian Amy Shira Teitel at Vintage Space to investigate what spaceflight advances could have happened. Amy looks at the lost Apollo Missions, while Fraser talks about Werner Von Braun’s “Mars Project”.Podcast (audio): Download (Duration: 11:10 3.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Android RSSSubscribe: Apple Podcasts Android RSSAmy Shira Teitel, apollo program, collaboration, colony, Das Mars Projekt, Extraterrestrial Life, Featured, glider, life on mars, Mars, Mars base, martian, Operation Paperclip, Saturn V, space race, spaceflight, The Mars Project, v 2 rocket, Vintage Space, von Braun, White SandsHere a big mystery in astronomy: fast radio bursts. Brief shrieks of radio waves coming from space.

“If there’s interest, it would be good to know that. ” Cernech said he does not yet have suggested building sites. Currently, the city has two elementary schools and one middle school. I know when i play i always want to improve and better every shot i play. Whenever you miss a 10 foot putt, you usually want to do it again and again until you succeed. So you play another round and conquer the hole..

A full unit is focused on technology and strategy. As well, the EMBA program has undertaken a major revision to a risk and security management course that will open this June and will look at protecting organizational data assets and mobile is key in that discussion.Athabasca University, which has been delivering its courses over the Internet since 1994 in order to provide maximum flexibility to its students, is also incorporating mobile technology into its technology platform. Are right now piloting a mobile application for course materials that we expect to roll out this spring and summer, she says.

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