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Toronto Real Estate Board said this month that March prices across the region were up 33 per cent from a year ago while condo research firm Urbanation Inc. Said condominium rents rose 8.3 per cent in the first quarter from a year ago.Main Measures ProposedThe 15 per cent foreign buyers’ tax won’t apply to refugees and immigrant nominees, and a rebate could be available for those who get citizenship later Increase in rents is capped at 2.5 per cent, with some exceptions Government to amend the Residential Tenancies Act to clarify text of leases and compensate evicted tenants Identify surplus provincially owned land that could be used to build affordable housing Tax vacant homes to push owners to sell unoccupied units or rent them outAlign property tax for new multi residential apartment buildings with other residential properties Municipalities could be allowed flexibility to use property tax as a policy tool to influence development Toronto developer Brad Lamb said the province didn do anything to boost supply in the province and vowed to cancel the rental projects that were already in his stopping on the dime. I had nine apartment buildings in my pipeline, said Lamb, describing projects in Toronto central core, its suburbs and Hamilton.

(DOL/TSX) is perhaps the best retailer in Canada, something reflected in both the company strong fundamentals and its steadily rising stock price.Zeitler noted that Dollarama success stems largely from how it competes on convenience and provides value for shoppers. The company is not only growing its store base by about five or six per cent annually to just over 1,100 stores today, but they are strategically located.the shopper that needs convenience, stores can be found on the way home from work, or a quick drive or walk away from their homes, Zeitler said, adding that an estimated 80 per cent of Canadians now shop at Dollarama.Wal Mart Stores Inc. Is a primary competitor, but its stores average 140,000 square feet in size, versus Dollarama at 10,000 sq.

These three were crossed and recrossed to produce different colours, hues, and sizes. Over a thousand and five hundred hybrids are known. Remember, the rose likes to grow alone and dislikes soggy soil.. Why he here: Let start with this: Lewis, obviously, went on to have a fantastic NBA career and make a ton of money. He here because his perception (and many other people perception) of his draft stock was higher than NBA teams perception of his draft stock. Lewis thought he might be a lottery pick, and he certainly expected to be a first rounder (again, as did others).

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