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“The lack of detail about Ms. Franklin’s condition led to some premature comments on social media that she had died. On Tuesday, Tim Franklin, a nephew, was quoted in a report by People magazine saying that Ms. Don’t expect to grow your own. You can get the same fruits and veggies all the other farmers markets and chain stores get, but not local. Astoria is conservative despite efforts by progressive socialist late comer’s to change it.

The judge can, and probably will, reduce the award to an amount that more closely fits the emotional suffering caused in this case. The US Supreme Court has ruled that awards that penalize corporations should not be more than about 10 times what the actual damages were. And punitive damages aren even available in most cases..

I believe that until you lose in college football, you are the champion, and the champion is the champion until someone dethrones them. The rest of it is pretty muddled. There are some scenarios out there that can mess everything up. Bhutan has established a dress code. In Sudan, women are not allowed to wear pants. Iran’s Islamic Revolution led to modesty laws that demand that women wear a chador, a black garment that covers a woman from head to toe..

Unfortunately, syncing processes for fitness trackers vary. Procedures range from fully manual, 10 minute syncing ceremonies to 20 second manual updating to seamless, cloud based tracking. As such, we included an Ease of Syncing score (out of 5), which takes all the various factors into account.

Wolfe had led a four campus system with about 6,000 faculty members and 77,000 students. A 1980 graduate of the flagship in Columbia, Wolfe took office as the system’s 23rd president in 2012 after a long career in companies dealing with information technology, infrastructure software and consulting. Wolfe’s contract was renewed last year with praise for his strategic planning..

27 days agoInsurance company settles damaged sculptureKANSAS CITY, Mo. Two Johnson County parents who were staring down a $132,000 bill for a damaged sculpture might finally be able to exhale. Less than two months after Sarah Goodman’s son damaged a sculpture at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, the family insurance company has paid the city $107,000 to cover the damage.

Of course, making money to pay your ex wife’s alimony ranks just below having your balls smashed with a claw hammer on the list of things that inspire a person to scale the very heights of artistic greatness. With that in mind, Marvin Gaye entered the studio fully intending to fill a vinyl record with 35 minutes of dogshit and . Fortunately, that plan was foiled by Gaye’s unbridled awesomeness and what the world got instead was classic double album that was such an intimate overview of the demise of he and Gordy’s relationship, she actually considered suing him for invasion of privacy.

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