Most of us, non-bank loans are associated with payday loans, the repayment of which usually takes place once. However, it is worth knowing that non-bank loans are also installment loans, granted on very similar terms as in a bank. It is repaid in equal monthly installments, and such loans can be obtained completely via the internet and without complicated formalities. Visit for a summary

So what is the difference between such non-bank online loans in installments and standard bank loans? Certainly, the cost should be mentioned first, because in the case of non-bank loans, this cost may be slightly higher.

However, these are not so high costs that had to be incurred a few or a dozen years ago when there were not too many such companies on the market. Currently, this competition is quite large, which is why some companies have decided to reduce the cost of loans offered. Thanks to this, in some companies providing online loans, we can borrow additional money on similar terms as in a bank.

However, this applies mainly to loans, in the case of the repayment period is not too long and is up to 24 months. In case we want to take out a loan with a much longer repayment period, ie 36 or 48 monthly installments, we will have to prepare for slightly higher costs.


Online loans as proof

Online loans as proof

In our opinion, non-bank loans may be a good alternative, especially in two cases . At the moment when we can not get a bank loan and when we need this extra money to acquire in a flashy time. The main advantage of loan companies is the express formalities. Not once happens that the loan online in installments, appears on the account of the person requesting a loan even within a few minutes of submitting the application. Most of these companies operate very quickly, so that the necessary money can quickly feed our budget. All we need is a valid ID card and an active bank account. For which company should you take your steps, looking for a non-bank loan online on installments? We decided to help you a bit by presenting some of our proposals.


Companies providing loans for monthly installments online

Companies providing loans for monthly installments online

We will start with our favorite among companies providing loans online in installments and it is Zaplo. The main advantages of the company are express formalities, without presenting additional documents or certificates. All we need is an ID card and access to a bank account. These two things and 21 years old are enough to get a loan in the company without leaving your home. The Zaplo offer includes internet loans up to PLN 15,000. Repayment of the loan can be divided into monthly installments and we will have a choice from 3 to 36 months. Helpful in calculating the loan costs will surely prove to be a loan calculator posted on the company’s website. Thanks to it, we can calculate both the monthly installment as well as the full cost of the loan, even before submitting the application.


Although this company once associated us with high costs of loans, not infrequently exceeding the amount borrowed, today the company’s offer seems to be much more beneficial. Provident’s offer is not only the weekly installments from which the company was once known, but also loans granted with standard, equal monthly installments. What’s more, the company’s offer now seems to be one of the most beneficial if you consider the costs of non-bank loans. The installment online loan provided by Provident will not be a loan in the repayment period, provided we think about a large amount and not a long repayment. The amounts of available loans in the company range from 300 to 20,000 PLN. In terms of repayment, we will have terms ranging from 3 to 48 months. Provident is one of the few companies in which loans have been granted for 18 years , thus having proof and a permanent source of income.


The online loan for installments at Wonga is an offer that should be noticed mainly by people who for some reason did not receive a loan from the bank. Well, Wonga may be able to offer the lowest costs of loans from companies providing non-bank loans. Not everyone may have a chance to obtain a loan through them, but if the bank rejected our application, eg due to low creditworthiness, it is worth trying to apply for a loan from them. We can learn the estimated costs of loans even before submitting the application, using the calculator on the website of the loan companies. By indicating the amount of the online loan in installments which we are interested in (up to PLN 20,000) and the expected repayment period (from 3 to even 60 months), we will know the very approximate cost of the loan and the monthly installment. Wonga grants loans to people who are 18 years of age, valid ID card and monthly pay, allowing for easy repayment of monthly loan installments.


Another offer of fast internet loans is the offer of the Super Grosz company. Similarly to the other companies presented, Super Grosz also provides loans entirely via the Internet. Therefore, we can conveniently obtain a loan without complicated formalities and visiting stationary outlets. The amount of the online loan in installments available through Super Grosz is up to PLN 15,000. However, when deciding on the first loan in the company, we will be able to borrow no more than PLN 10,000. The length of monthly installments in Super Grosz can be from 5 to 48 months. The condition for obtaining an online loan as proof is to have Polish citizenship and a 21-year old. The company does not require presentation of employer’s income statements .


Our last proposal for today is a proposal from Monedo Now. An online loan in installments provided by a company is characterized by not high costs, very comparable to the costs of bank loans. The range of available loans ranges from PLN 1,500 to 20,000. We can borrow money in the company for 6 to 48 monthly installments. Monedo Now belongs to one of the most trusted companies on the loan market, operating under the wings of Kreditech Polska for many years. A person aged 18 or over who has Polish citizenship and a valid ID card and an open bank account may apply for a loan in the company. According to Monedo, the average time from submitting the application to the moment of issuing a positive decision on granting the loan is usually no more than 5 to 15 minutes.