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Phelps beating Milorad Cavic by .001? Jason Lezak swimming the fastest anchor leg in history in the 4 men freestyle? There are so many options to choose from. Women gymnastics team won silver, their performance was not up to par. Alicia Sacramone Quinn fell on the balance beam, but the team was only a point behind China heading into the final rotation.

Inside this unassuming three storey shed at the Australian Maritime College is a giant tunnel holding three hundred and sixty five tonnes of water. It’s Paul Brandner’s pride and joy.It’s analogous to a wind tunnel, but only here, the working fluid is water, rather than air. This is the business end.

Also: I going to say no SLP shirt is worth the price, even on the secondary market. I an SLP fan, so no anti SLP bias here. I love their jeans and outerwear and footwear. This drink is a good segue if you find the taste of kava a little overwhelming. Bubbly water helps distract you from some of the mouth numbing effects, while mint extract is a stomach soother. I like sparkling mineral water because of the health benefits of the minerals, but if you don’t have that on hand, any sparkling water works.

I can’t make any promises. At Holy Hound Taproom. In between, Chamberlin will sample French fries at conventional locations like McDonald’s, as well as unexpected stops such as Hamir’s Indian Fusion and PeoplesBank Park.. It’s pretty annoying to pick up the phone at dinner time only to have some guy reading a script about how great vinyl siding is. Now imagine how a journalist, who’s busy working on deadline, feels about “publicists” calling up to do the same thing again and again. If you’re planning to phone pitch a journalist, never read from a script or repeat a rehearsed spiel.

Patrick Wilson, who has cerebral palsy, says he was turned away from last night’s celebrations in Princes Street by G4S stewards after arriving with friends at a busy security checkpoint. For disabled people.It’s claimed one of the G4S security staff told him: “It would be bad enough a normal person never mind someone in a wheelchair going in.”The 19 year old, who is a Scottish and British international at boccia, was there with his carer, James Hepburn.Mr Hepburn was so outraged he took pictures of the staff and posted details of the incident on Facebook.And he asked people to share it to publicise the “discriminatory” behaviour.The group was forced to leave and see in the bells at a nearby nightclub instead.Personal trainer James said: “One of the G4S security guards said, ‘It would be bad enough a normal person never mind someone in a wheelchair going in’ followed by ‘You’re too late to get in anyway’.”We were there before 11pm and we all had tickets and bands which we showed as proof of purchase.”Mr Hepburn, from Edinburgh, said a security guard continued “being discriminatory, saying disabled people couldn’t come in despite the fact we attempted to tell her that on the tickets this was stipulated as the disabled access area”.He said the group had paid for tickets and branded the situation as “completely unacceptable”.One of the security guards at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay partyMr Hepburn added: “When they wouldn’t let us at in at the checkpoint, they said we could try further down. We pointed out this was the disabled access point.”They said it was full and we could try getting in elsewhere.”We said if it was full here, how would we get in elsewhere when this was the disabled access?”It just doesn’t make sense.”The G4S staff didn’t know how to deal with it and they didn’t want to know.

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